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Nametags Say a Whole Lot About You

Some say that the quality of a badge often predicts, with incredible precision, the quality of an event. “If I pick up a badge and it’s just a cheap, flimsy thing, I just know the sound system and meals aren’t going to be as good…”

Thirteen Meetings Technology Predictions for 2013 - Corbin Ball Associates

Social media will continue to integrate in the meeting planning process to engage attendees with new products continuing to emerge. 

The ability to use social media to enhance networking at an event holds very significant potential. Meetings were the original social media, and these social tools have the potential to work very well for events and exhibitions. Expect to see increasing use of mobile social media apps specialized for events including… Qrious, … Finding the right contacts at an event can greatly improve the value – mobile social media tools can help in this process.

Strong Opinions @marksbirch: How To Be a Growth Hacker


With all the talk about Growth Hacking, it is a fair question to ask how one becomes a full-fledged Growth Hacker. Who does one turn to and where is this hidden fount of knowledge? Well, look no further as all your answers are here. As the author of The New York Times bestselling book “Growth…

How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

There are going to be some big changes in security procedures at Apple and Amazon because of this - and customers aren’t going to be happy.

Each of these companies made their consumer-facing security measures “good enough” because, let’s face it, people are pretty lax about the security of their personal information and don’t want to be “burdened” by them.

If you’re focused on the customer experience at one of these companies, you have to find the right balance. These companies want to create an experience that is secure enough without making customers feel put out by overly strict security procedures.

I don’t think that’s going to suffice any longer.

Learning About Our Business

We’ve learned very quickly that:

- People don’t read directions

- People don’t follow directions even after they’ve read them

- We should always assume the lowest common denominator when it comes to tech-savvyness

- We need to simplify everything in support of the above

- We don’t charge enough ;)

Qrious in Meetings & Conventions Newsletter

We were declared a “Hot Idea of the Day” by Meetings & Conventions mag today!

New Apps Connect to Friends Nearby - NYTimes.com

Great piece by Jenna Wortham. A quick mention of Qrious included.

“Event networking competitor Qrious, which is based in NYC recently won Startupalooza, will attempt to become ubiquitous by targeting event organizers first, which skips a step by making conferences and conventions themselves the marketing vehicle for the product.”

ready,fire,aim: why entrepreneurs don't sleep well


imagine the perfect night’s sleep. For me, it involves sliding into cool bedsheets, closing my eyes, marveling briefly at how tranquil and undisturbed my thoughts are, and fading into a deep and restful slumber. Maybe I wake up once, around 2am, marvel at the fact that I have 4 or 5 hours more…

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